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Vibrating Bin Aerator
Vibrating Bin Aerators are used for the improvement of mass flow with powders and granular materials.
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General Information

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Product Description

Vibrating Bin Aerator types VB, VBE, VBI and VBM combine product aeration under operating pressure reaching 6 bar (87 PSI) with an additional slight vibration on the silo wall. Due to its design, damage of the silo is impossible even with abrasive materials. An additional backstop valve is not required as, due to the work pressure of 2 to 6 bar (29-87 PSI), no material can enter the zone beneath the elastic FDA-approved silicon lip. Vibrating Bin Aerators are used for the improvement of mass flow with powders and granular materials. Due to FDA-conformity of the membrane material the Aerators are suitable for food-grade applications. To meet the most demanding user requirements a stainless steel shaft version (VDI) is available.


Compressed air is introduced into the stored material through the silicon lip which adheres to the inside silo wall. By varying the work pressure within a range between 2 and 6 bar (29 to 87 PSI) the intensity of vibration of the elastic silicon lip can be changed. Due to interval operation and a maximum operation time of five seconds air consumption is very low.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

    Sturdy design
    Easy to install (VBE version for external mounting)
    VBM micro-version available
    Air pressure 2 to 6 bar (29 to 87 PSI)
    Ambient temperature -40° C to 170° C (-40° F to 340° F) for VB and VBI; -40° C to 80° C (-40° F to 176° F) for VBM
    For powders and granular products

Options & Accessories

    With stainless steel shaft (VBI)
    For external assembly (VBE only)
    Miniature execution (VBM)


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